Written Testimonials


Marina Saroba 
MBA – Project Management
Graduated – December 2019

"IGlobal University is more than just an education center. During my period at the University, I had the opportunity to strengthen my Business skills and above that, grow as a person and professional. The opportunity to meet people from different cultures and perspectives gives a plus on education and creates us a different way to see the business world, making you fit better inside a global organizational culture."


Busayo Mary Enikanoselu  
MBA – Health Care Management
Graduated – September 2019

“I am Enikanoselu Busayo Mary, an Alumni of IGlobal University, and I studied an MBA program. I am currently working with Victorious Healthcare Services as a Case Manager. IGU equipped me with Business Administration. I was self-determined and inspired to build my skills and competence level in today's business world. This helped me assess myself and work on my limitations, and I challenged myself to be better, it isn’t an easy path because “success is not the endpoint, failure is not critical, but it is the ability and the courage to proceed that matters” by Church Hill. The world is yet to know me; therefore, I’ll keep working towards my goals, which is to make great remarks that influence lives positively.”


Temitope Kikelomo Enigbonjaiye 
MSIT – IT Systems and Management
Graduated – March 2018

"My time at IGlobal University truly changed who I am and who I still want to become professionally and personally. The culture at IGlobal fostered the sharing of ideas, critical discussions, and collaboration amongst diverse students and faculty across a wide range of interests, students were always encouraged to explore and experiment.
What I loved about IGU faculty was that they always entertain new ideas no matter where they came from. But I did not only learn from them, I learned equally much from my fellow graduate students who became my friends also."