Student Portal




IGlobal University students are able to access all their school related information from one central system. Populi Student Portal ( will provide students with admissions, financial, academic and administrative information.  Online learning and course grades will also be available online. Students will be able to perform these functions:

  • Review academic records

  • Register for classes

  • Obtain unofficial academic transcript

  • Lookup and pay tuition

  • Access your class schedule

  • Reset your password


Search for "Populi" in the app store.


IGlobal University students are able to access their courses from Canvas. Canvas utilizes the best and most popular system in the world today. Students will be able to experience their online courses in an intuitive and easy to use interface.  

  • Access your courses

  • Check your course grades

  • Interact with your faculty and other students

  • Submit assignments

  • Take online exams

  • Record and watch videos


Your Canvas username and password is the same as Populi.

Search for "Canvas Student" in the app store.



IGlobal University students have access to all the Google suite applications to help with their education needs. Students have unlimited storage available for Gmail, Google Drive and Docs. 

  • Access your emails with Gmail

  • Access and share your calendar

  • Access and share files using Google Drive

  • Use Google Docs to create and share documents

  • Collaborate with faculty and students using Google Hangout or Chat

  • Access the University directory


Your IGUEmail username and password is unique to just Gmail.


Search for "Gmail" in the app store.