IGU Scholarships & Tuition Assistance

Starting the Spring 2021 term, all current and prospective scholarship/ tuition assistance program applicants are subjected to the new eligibility and award criteria. However, students who were awarded a scholarship/tuition assistance before Spring 2021, will continue receiving their awards until they graduate or change their program. The deadline for application is always two weeks before the first day of class.


General Policies
  1. An applicant must be in good standing (financial, academic, and otherwise) with the university.

  2. IGU’s scholarship awards are tuition scholarships only. As such, the amount of the award will be credited against the tuition balance a student has to pay in each term. 

  3. Scholarship/tuition assistance is awarded after applying any government or outside institution grant (example: Financial Aid, Military benefits, Company scholarships directly awarded to school) and the total amount of all the financial aid can’t be over 100% of the tuition of the term.

  4. Prospective students may apply for a scholarship at the time of their application for admission.

  5. All prospective applicants must meet the admission requirements for the program of study they applied for before being considered for any scholarship award. 

  6. No student will be awarded two or more types of scholarships/tuition assistance concurrently.

  7. Each scholarship recipient is required to maintain the eligibility requirements of the scholarship/tuition assistance awarded to him/her throughout the duration of the study.

  8. Students who demonstrate the following issues may lose their scholarship award, regardless of the type of award:

    • Failure to maintain the required GPA which qualified him/her for the award (if required)

    • Receiving a grade of “F” in any course (except for mitigating circumstances such as medical reasons)

    • Disciplinary action

    • Reported violation of codes of conduct (both academic and non-academic)

  9. IGU’s scholarship programs are open to both domestic and international students.

  10. If a current student drops out of a program or changes his/her program of study, the student must re-apply for the scholarship/tuition assistance program upon reinstatement of his/her enrollment with IGU.

  11. Each scholarship is awarded for the life of the program unless otherwise specified in advance. Therefore, students are no longer required to renew their scholarship application for each term, unless a student lost eligibility for the current award or plans to apply for another one.

  12. Scholarship or Tuition Assistance is not applied to the CPT fee.

  13. All international students receiving tuition assistance (except merit-based scholarships)  must pay back the entire amount with a 5% interest fee if they decide to transfer out without completing the program at IGU. IGU reserves the right not to process transfer-out requests for those who fail to return tuition assistance money and or fail to pay any outstanding balance with us. 

Scholarship Programs

Academic Merit (Presidential)

This scholarship is designed to recognize and promote academic excellence both at undergrad and graduate programs. Recipients of this scholarship will also get a chance to dine with the president of the university.

Eligibility Criteria:
For Freshmen:
High School CGPA

For Int’l Students:
Foreign credential evaluation showing CGPA.

For Transfer students:
CGPA of completion of minimum 13.5 credits from an accredited university.  

For Current IGU students:
CGPA of completion of minimum one full term:

  • 9 credits (in Graduate programs)

  • 13.5 credits (in Undergraduate programs)

Award Amount:
CGPA: 4.0 for 30% of the tuition.
CGPA: 3.8 for 20% of the tuition.
CGPA: 3.5 for 10% of the tuition.

For Undergrad Students:
CGPA: 4.0 for 30% of the tuition.
CGPA: 3.5 for 20% of the tuition
CGPA: 3.0 for 10% of the tuition
Note: CGPA scores will be rounded.

Note: 10% additional scholarship will be added to the IGU Alumni in each category. (For Graduate Students over CGPA 3.0 will get 10% of the tuition)

Female Students

Dr. A.K. Abdul Momen
This scholarship is named after Honorable Dr. A. K Abdul Momen, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh, to promote the U.S higher education in Bangladesh.

On behalf of the minister’s office, IGU’s academic committee selects the finalist among the applicants who meet the minimum eligibility criteria and informs the Minister’s office about the finalist. 

New application from Bangladesh starting Spring 2021. 

For all graduate level awards:
CGPA: 3.2 or above (undergrad or grad CGPA)
Exemplary professional achievement 

For all baccalaureate awards:
CGPA: 2.5 or above (undergrad CGPA)
Exemplary professional achievement

Award Amount:

  • Only 1 student per quarter per program will be awarded.

  • The recipient will be awarded a 100% tuition scholarship.