J-1 Visa Program

Through the J-1 visa program, IGU is able to offer various cultural exchange opportunities to students, professors and other professional specialists from abroad. IGU acts as the visa sponsor for these exchange visitor programs; please contact us for more information at iso@igu.edu.


J-1 Student

Students can enroll in degree or non-degree seeking programs (cannot enroll in English language learning programs). The J-1 student must be proficient in English and must meet all admissions requirements for a specific program. Source of funding. - The Student’s source of funding must in its majority (51%) come from a source other than personal (i.e. scholarship, grant, employer). On a J-1 visa, students have the opportunity to participate in Academic Training during their studies which is authorized part-time employment. The Academic Training for undergraduate and pre-doctoral training, does not exceed 18 months, inclusive of any prior academic training in the United States, or the period of full course of study in the United States, whichever is less; except that additional time for academic training is allowed to the extent necessary for the exchange visitor to satisfy the mandatory requirements of his or her degree program in the United States. Academic Training must be directly related to the students’ field of study. Additionally, student spouses on J-2 visa are eligible to request employment authorization.

J-1 Student Intern


This program allows the student to come to the USA to participate in an internship program at IGU or at another company (approved by IGU). The participants must be currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program in their home country (not graduated), and must plan to return home after the internship to complete their program of study and graduate. The field of internship must be full-time and must match the student’s field of study in his/her home country. The internships can be paid or unpaid and have a maximum duration of 12 months.



J-1 Professor


Foreign professors can apply to participate as visiting professors at IGU. Program duration is 3 or 6

months and can be extended upon a successful completion of the program and upon mutual consent

between IGU and the visiting professor. Visiting professor positions are subject to need and availability. Duties can include teaching, co-teaching, leading workshops, guest speaking, conducting research, curriculum development and other. IGU will provide a monthly stipend to be used to pay for accommodation and living expenses in the USA.

IGU is certified to operate by SCHEV. Accredited by ACCSC.

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