International Student

Being an International Student (International Student’s way of life) 


There is a lot to be aware of when you first arrive on campus as an international student. We hope the information here helps you adjust to your new way of life. 


Always maintain your immigration status. 


As an international student, it is your priority and responsibility to maintain your immigration status, including:


  • Keep your passport up-to-date 

  • date your residential address using the change of address form on the IGU website no more than 10 days after you move.

  • Do not let your I-20s expire.

  • Form International Students Office- ISO (link to the ISO team Page) if you wish to change your program, Concentration, or degree level.

  • Maintain a full-time course load (9 credit hours for graduate and 13.5 for undergraduate).

  • tact ISO before taking any trip outside the U.S., and make sure that all travel documents are in order 

  • Refrain from unauthorized work

  • File timely requests with ISO for a program extension, CPT, OPT, transfer, withdrawal, and other benefits.

  • Be aware of immigration law (We can provide a link to SEVP regulations for international students). Never rely on your friend’s advice; ask ISO if you are in doubt. 


Keep the Records safe

     Please keep all of your previously issued immigration documents (I-20s); you may need them again if trying to change to another status in the U.S. or applying for work authorization.

     If you have lost or damaged your I-20, request a new one using the I-20 request form on the IGU website. 

  1. Cannot pick it up and want it shipped? Please provide us with a shipping label. 

  2. Plan and give the ISO 2 to 4 business days to process your requests

Learn about Academics 

When and how can you accept employment? 

     On-campus Employment 

     Off-campus employment 

  • CPT 

  • OPT and STEM

  • Economic Hardship Employment Authorization 


Life beyond classroom 

     IGU Events (Link to Events Calendar) 

     Registered Students associations (Link to associations) 


Living in the area 

IGU does not provide any housing services; however, the university works with all incoming student to ensure they have the resources they need to find local housing


Add the info from the housing page (



     Parking at IGU 

      Don’t have a car? It is possible to commute easily to the IGU campus using public transportation. Please visit

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