International Students

How do I Transfer my SEVIS Record to IGlobal University?


To change your status to an F1-VISA you will need these two documents from IGlobal University:


  1. Acceptance Letter

  2. I-20 Form


To obtain these documents: 

  1. Contact the International Student Office (ISO) at IGlobal University to see if you qualify for a transfer

  2. Review the Required Documents:


  3. E-mail the Required Documents to


Once you have submitted all required documents to IGlobal University and have been accepted you will receive the following documents from a representative:


  1. Acceptance letter

  2. Transfer Clearance Form


After you receive these two documents, you may take these items to a DSO at your current school. If your SEVIS record is still active if you have completed the current semester/quarter, and if you have followed all other university policies, the DSO will transfer your SEVIS record to IGlobal University. Please keep in mind that once the SEVIS record is transferred to IGlobal University, in accordance to US law, you will be required to start classes during the next available start date.


We have a dedicated International Student Advisor team that will help through the process. Feel free to contact if you have any questions or concerns about transferring to IGlobal University.

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