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How do I change my status to an F1-Visa?

Before you can change to an F-1 visa, you need to make sure you can qualify for a change of status:

  1. To see if you qualify:

  2. How to apply for a change of status:


If you qualify, you will need these two documents from IGlobal University:


  1. Acceptance Letter

  2. I-20 Form


To obtain these documents, you have to apply to IGlobal University: Apply Now


After being accepted to IGU, paying the required fees and tuition deposit, and receiving your two documents, you will need to complete and mail the following documents to USCIS:


  1. Proof of SEVIS Payment (I-901 Form)

  2. Completed Form G-1145

  3. Completed I-539 Form (please be sure to follow the instructions exactly)


In addition to the forms above you will need to mail the following documents to the respective post,

  • Money order or personal check payable to Department of Homeland Security for $370.

  • A letter explaining your reason for the change of status, why you want to study at IGlobal University, and your long-term plans

  • Copies of your financial documents, I-94 card, documents showing lawful status, and I- 20 Form

  • Any other supporting documents


Once you have submitted your application, USCIS will mail you a Form I-797 Notice of Receipt with an assigned case number. At any time, you may view the status of your case online.


Before changing your status, please consult a Designated School Official (DSO) at IGlobal University to learn more about F1-VISA rules and regulations.


Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions about the VISA process.