International Students F-1 Visa

How do I Change My Status to F1-VISA?


To change your status to an F1-VISA you will need these two documents from IGlobal University:


  1. Acceptance Letter

  2. I-20 Form


To obtain these documents: 

  1. Make sure you qualify for a change of status

  2. Apply to IGlobal University



Once you have submitted all required documents to IGlobal University and have been accepted you will receive your Acceptance Letter and I-20 Form. Next, you will need to complete and mail the following documents to USCIS:


  1. Pay the SEVIS Fee

  2. Complete Form G-1145

  3. Complete I-539 Form (please be sure to follow the instructions exactly)

  4. In addition to the forms above you will need to mail the following documents to the respective post,


  • Money order or personal check payable to Department of Homeland Security for $370.

  • Proof of SEVIS Payment (I-901 Form)

  • A letter explaining your reason for the change of status, why you want to study at IGlobal University, and your long-term plans

  • Copies of your financial documents, I-94 card, documents showing lawful status, and I- 20 Form


Once you have submitted your application, USCIS will mail you a Form I-797 Notice of Receipt with an assigned case number. At any time you may view the status of your case online.


Before changing your status, please consult a Designated School Official (DSO) at IGlobal University to learn more about F1-VISA rules and regulations. Please contact if you have any questions about the VISA process.