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Career Service Center

Mission of CSD

Driven from IGU’s mission statement, the mission of the Career Services Department (CSD) is to provide our students with ongoing career development services by assisting them to realize their full career potential and  help them make informed decision regarding their future opportunities.


Our CSD team strives to help students identify career opportunities that fit with their values, interests, personality, and skills. We empower students by providing resources designed to foster the development of career skills that will serve them as competent professionals. 


Career Services Department main functions:

  1. Exploring Career & Training Opportunities IGU Student


When designing and planning the activities in our CSD, we periodically collect feedbacks from internal and external stakeholders. Our internal stakeholders are our students, faculty, and staff. Our external stakeholders are our employers, PAC members, and expectations of regulatory/licensure agencies.


In order to meet the expectations of both internal and external stakeholders, we use ‘SkillsUSA Framework”, as shown below.


IGU’s Career Services department offers various activities designed to engage students as active participants in their career development from freshman through alumni.


Values of CSD

Our philosophy guiding us during our day-to-day operation is to lead the effort of creating and establishing a culture of the career-centered campus.

Through strategic partnerships with the campus community and employers, Career Services will be the center for student professional development and career placement at IGU.  


Our Values


CSD upholds the following universal values:


  • Inclusion: To create a welcoming environment respectful of individuals’ unique backgrounds, beliefs, and goals.

  • Service-centred: To exceed the expectations of our internal and external constituents through open communication and responsiveness.​

  • Student-centred:  To promote student responsibility for lifelong career development through exploration, education, and experience.​

  • Employer Connections: To develop and strengthen relationships with employers to create opportunities for students.​

  • Collaboration: To partner with stakeholders across the University to enhance and support student achievement.​

  • Outcomes: o collect and report data to the campus community to assist the leaders to establish data-driven decision-making process culture.

Resume and Cover Letter Review
Interview Skills and Practice
Internship Information
Career Counseling
Career Resources Library
Career Assessment
Career Services Job Search Assistance
career center events and workshops

IGU’s job placement assistance and career services begin when a student is admitted. The University relates the student’s career development and job placement to his/her program and elective tracks as the student’s academic pursuit continues. Students may find pertinent career and employment information in an ongoing effort at the IGU website.


The Career Services Center offer a full range of services to enrolled students and alumni to further their professional development and transition into career fields. To assist upcoming graduates with their job search preparation the Career Services Center offers the following resources:

  • Resume review

  • Job leads

  • Job search methods

  • Interview preparation and role playing

  • Curricular practical training

  • Field trips

  • Local business leaders as guest speakers

  • Career strategy development

  • Career fairs

  • Exit interviews


Gainful Employment Disclosure

The job placement rates for each program are listed on the Student Consumer Information page.


Current Students & Alumni Services

The Career Services Department provides a number of professional development resources to assist you on your career journey. Whether you are switching career paths, polishing your resume or sharpening your interview skills, if you would like to schedule a one on one Career Planning Session or you have any questions about Career Services please contact at 703-941-2020, to learn more about resources available to you.


Schedule A Career Counseling Appointment

In the spirit of career development, career counseling is a space where you can talk about exploring your career options. As you clarify goals, a career advisor can encourage your growth and development while respecting your freedom of choice.