IGU Will Resume the "On-campus In-person" Classes from the Fall 2020 Quarter

This plan is under review by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

Dear Esteemed Non-Immigrant (F-1) Students,


I hope all is well with you and your study at IGU.


As you are well aware, IGU primarily provides “On-campus In-person” classes to international (F-1) students. However, we temporarily provide online classes for the Summer Quarters in compliance with the state and federal guidelines issued in conjunction with the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) announced that all F-1 students attending IGU must take at least one in-person class on campus for the Fall 2020 Quarter, which starts on October 5, 2020. “Eligible F-1 students may take a maximum of one class online.” However, academically superior F-1 students may be allowed to take more than one online class with the prior approval from the Department of Academic Affairs.


Therefore, all the F-1 students enrolled at IGU must be aware of this SEVP announcement that requires all F-1 students to take at least one (1) in-person classes on campus from the Fall 2020 Quarter. We hereby advise all the F-1 students to plan ahead to return to On-campus In-person classes for the Fall 2020 Quarter, whether they are taking online classes for the Summer Quarter (1) from local, (2) out-of-state, or (3) overseas, mainly due to the Pandemic.


Especially those students who have visited their own country before the Pandemic but been banned from entering the United States must plan to return to the United States as early as possible to register for the Fall 2020 Quarter on campus.


Our Departments of International Admissions and Academic Affairs will advise all the F-1 students on their respective situations. Please contact Director Vadim at vadim.k@igu.edu, DSO at iso@igu.edu, Director of Education, Dr. Pirim at zafer.pirim@igu.edu, or Dr. Shane Cho, Registrar at shane.cho@igu.edu.


Let's meet with all the Staff and Faculty Members in person on campus in October 2020, during which we hope that we do not have to wear masks and keep social distancing. 

In the meantime, stay healthy and safe!



Dr. David Sohn

President & CEO and PDSO & RO

IGU is certified to operate by SCHEV. Accredited by ACCSC.

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